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While we celebrate the soldiers and sailors who lost their lives defending our country, lets not forget the civilian contractor who lost their lives helping our soldiers defend our country. As a veteran myself I know first hand how they make our soldiers and sailors jobs easier.

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Parents please monitor want children are watching on TV. These so called kids channels like Disney, Nickelodeon, and PBS are programming your kids to think it's okay to be gay. The kids show Arthur is doing and episode where TWO MALES are marrying each other.

Widely considered to be the “Father of the Black Church”, Richard Allen (1760-1831) founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME). Born into slavery in Philadelphia, Allen was allowed to buy his freedom at the age of 20. Ordained a Methodist minister in 1784, he became increasingly put off by the racist segregation of the white Methodist community. He responded by founding the AME, first as a local congregation and then uniting with a group of churches from surrounding cities to form the first black denomination in the United States. Elected as the institution’s first Bishop, Allen was a major influence in the development of black cultural identity and an inspiration for future generations of leaders who would use the church as major force for organization and unification in the black community.

As the first ever black woman to serve as Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons and Chaplain to the Queen, Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin is one of the most visible women in the Church of England. This straight-talking Jamaican-born minister was ordained as a priest in 1994 and since then has worked in parishes in the West Midlands and London. She has served as a member of the General Synod of the Church of England (from 1995 to 1998, and from 2003 to 2010) and was also one of the panel of chairs of the Synod. 

So often I hear believers as well as nonbelievers say, '' They are too old to change," or feel it's okay your someone to be mean because they are old. You are never to old to change. God wants us to grow closer to him everyday. It doesn't matter if you are 1 or 100 years old, if you notice something about your self that's not pleasing to God you should ask him to help you change that part of yourself.

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The Thorn

by Martha Snell Nicholson

I stood a mendicant of God before His royal throne
And begged him for one priceless gift, which I could call my own.
I took the gift from out His hand, but as I would depart
I cried, “But Lord this is a thorn and it has pierced my heart.
This is a strange, a hurtful gift, which Thou hast given me.”
He said, “My child, I give good gifts and gave My best to thee.”
I took it home and though at first the cruel thorn hurt sore,
As long years passed I learned at last to love it more and more.
I learned He never gives a thorn without this added grace,
He takes the thorn to pin aside the veil which hides His face.

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